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     2005 BCCA Charlotte Canvention Brewery Guide

 American Can Company Find

 West Coast OI Find Oct 2001

 The First Beer Can      Krueger starts it all in 1935               

 Blockbuster Cans         The Hall of Fame of rare cans 

 Dumping Stories           Looking for beer cans in dumps

 Cans not in the USBC book 

 Glenn Raisner's Unlisted Can Research 

 Tom Wascher's OI Collection

 Lewandowski Collection

 A Pair of Purple Cows

        Some Shows I have attended

 The Best of Canventions My favorite photos from each Canvention

 Frankenmuth 2001      Summerswap in Frankenmuth 

 Charlottesville 2002 

 Blue Gray Show

 Pittsburgh Canvention     Woodstock 2003


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